Marketing Local Professionals

Local professionals such as accountants, attorneys, physicians and dentists have unique marketing needs based on their geography.  These professionals typically draw their clients or patients from within a 20 mile radius and compete with other professionals in that same radius.  New clients and patients are often gained through referral and direct search.

Referrals represent some of the most qualified leads within a local market as these professionals assist in the most important aspects of peoples lives, their health and their financial well being.

There are a significant number of clients and patients that are developed on an as-needed basis, when someone finds themselves in need of the services of a professional without a prior relationship.  In this scenario they are apt to seek out references and to also perform an internet search.  The ability for a local professional to rank well in search engines with local keywords is critical in order for them to tap into this market.

If you are a doctor, orthodontist, accountant or other professional are you ranking for your profession in your local market?  If you are not ranking on the first page of the search results within your local market you are unlikely to obtain new clients or patients from your website.

If you are not ranking where you would like to be we can help.  With a protected geography and proven results using only accepted and ethical practices we can get your leads and prospects seeing your listings, organic search and paid ads, before your competition.  <a href=””>Receive a free report</a> on where you currently rank for the terms and keywords you want to rank for.

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