Local Directory Submission

One of the services we offer our clients as part of our local search marketing solutions is the Local Directory Submission package. Local Directory Submission involves creating business profiles on sites that target businesses, some of which are national and some others are regional. Some of these are very well known and and offer a wide array of categories while others are more specific to geographic regions or niche markets. It is quite common to find many sites or online directories that cater to specific niche markets and a component of our search marketing strategy is to complete many of these in order to build out a well rounded internet presence.

One of the keys to success is ensuring that the citation as Google refers to it, the NAP (name, address, and phone number) as others refer to it are exactly the same across all sites. Addresses are where people most often fall down, in some places spelling out Street and in others abbreviating it as St. or St without a period. Each of these variations represents something slightly different to the search engines and while they are likely to get pretty close, having everything match exactly is important to full optimization.

One of the keys to success is to not devalue sites that you are either not familiar with or sites that you think your customers may not frequent. We build out these profiles not because we expect our clients customers to see them and be influenced to buy from them but because they help to establish an overall online presence.  Each of the search engines take in a lot of information when considering where to rank your site for specific keywords and the more corroborating information they have the more likely they are to boost your overall rankings.

Listed below are some the local directory submission sites that we target that are good general interest sites. Some of these offer categories for niche markets while others are very broad-based. Some you may not have heard of and some you likely have.  This is but a small sample but it represents a good place to start.  Also remember to look into local directories that specialize in your market niche, these can be of particular value.

For our customers we develop a profiles based on the business they are in, the regional profile and develop a local directory submission plan as a component of their local search marketing strategy.  These plans often include the submission of well over 100 directories depending on target market.  Inquire today to learn more about our local directory submission service.

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