About Us

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BizVisiblity LLC is an online digital marketing and consulting company that works with our clients to build deep relationships between you, your customers and your prospects.  We firmly believe that building meaningful connections with customers and prospects is critical to long-term success in the new economy.

We also strongly believe that your online presence through your website and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ should be a strong focus of your marketing efforts.

We will work with your team to understand your customer profiles and to then develop strategies for connecting with them, developing mind share for your products, services and brand.  We believe that mind share turns to market share and the ultimate measure of our success is your bottom line.

We have expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) ad campaigns, website development, list marketing and all of the technical nuts and bolts necessary to get the job done.  While a strong technical foundation is necessary we differentiate ourselves by focusing first and foremost on what differentiates your business in the marketplace, how you engage your customers and how we can build more meaningful relationships using those technologies that drive loyalty and profit growth.

Based in the Greater Cincinnati area BizVisibility is optimizing the online presence of local businesses in Cincinnati metro area including Northern KY, Southwestern OH and Southeastern IN in addition to regional and national clients.

Contact us and tell us about the business challenges you are facing.